As the importance of mobile devices increase in the workplace, managers now have the burden for these devices added to their current responsibilities. Without the resources and time needed to ensure that plans are optimized and policy decisions are addressed, many people are spending far more money and time than they should be.  On average we are able to save clients 21% on their wireless bills while alleviating the man hours needed to manage this growing corporate expense.

  • Wireless cost savings through plan optimization without changing carriers
  • A vendor agnostic web based management tool to give you insight into what is behind your wireless bill
  • Invoice validation for all services
  • Customized procurement portal that allows you to set parameters for device and plan purchases based on position or employee type
  • Monitoring and alert of potential fraud, waste & abuse
  • Automated reporting & cost allocations

ARG has vast experience with telecom expense management in the wire line and cellular industries and are ideally positioned to advise our clients to ensure best of breed solutions while maximizing cost savings.   ARG’s team has helped clients through purchasing, procurement, and management decisions for over a decade, and saved them millions of dollars.

ARG also offers a great solution for business travelers. It eliminates the hassle of trying to find and connect to a WiFi network or burn up your cellular data plan by providing an on device app access to millions of WiFi networks globally.  Equally important, it provides a secure last mile to ensure that your information is safe when users access your network from locations around the globe.  Below are some of the features that it provides for as little as $15/month.
•    Unlimited Gogo access, on all of their partnered airlines. United AIrlines WiFi, + Unlimited access to 100's of international flights through Panasonic Avionics.
•    Simple one click connection for users to a network of over 60 million hot spots in more than 120 countries with unlimited usage on unlimited devices.
•    Provide a fixed cost for the organization related to connectivity
•    Secure devices’ Last Mile VPN or facilitated connections through your corporate VPN
•    Minimize spend and risk related to in-flight WiFi, ad-hoc WiFi, data usage/overages and international roaming fees.
It's always just one flat fee per month per user - no limits on data, speed, or time on the network. Every user can add the service to all of their personal devices and use them concurrently (no more single device limit on flights). You can also move the licenses to different users within your organization. 
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