ARG winning the hosted division

March Madness is just beginning and hosted voice is heavily favored to win here at ARG. So far this month, a big win for ARG has been installing 400 Hosted Voice seats for one long time ARG customer.

This major health association has been a client of ARG for nearly two decades, and we have worked with the organization through a myriad of technologies and platforms. From switched long distance and DSL, dedicated long distance and analog lines, then PRIs, Dynamic services, colocation and now hosted voice, ARG has coached them in order to stay in the lead as technology changes.

The success of this long time partnership is a testament to ARG’s ability to support clients through change and the ability to evolve through technology shifts.

This is on the heels of another hosted deployment that wrapped up in February:

A successful install of over 670 seats across 8 office locations for a major law firm. This one was particularly fun as we coordinated setting up a new WAN network to the hosted provider by creating nodes at two geo-redundant data centers where the hosted provider was located.  The hPBX provider will also be hosting the receptionist console in the data center with replicated backup being stored at another data center. Another great feature is that the law firm was able to reuse their Cisco phones.

We may not be able to beat Kentucky at basketball, but ARG is certainly at the top of our game in hosted voice solutions!