Welcome to the White House, sorry about all the cybercrime

 Forrester has dire predictions for cybersecurity in 2017

Forrester has dire predictions for cybersecurity in 2017

If forecasters at Forrester Research are correct, the next U.S. president to take office in January of 2017 can expect a “major cybercrisis” as companies “grapple with how to defend against escalating, dynamic security and privacy risk.  Their recently released report states that "targeted espionage, ransomware, denial of service, privacy breaches, and more will escalate in 2017. The impact of those events will be significant:

• A Fortune 1000 company will fail because of a cyberbreach.

• Healthcare breaches will become as common as retail breaches.

• More than 500,000 internet-of-things devices will be compromised.

• Within 100 days, the new US president will face a major cybercrisis.

• National security risks will drive agencies to expand surveillance technologies, creating legal and ethical conflicts between governments and people. “ 

They also forecast IoT (internet of things) yielding increased risks of security breaches and DDoS vulnerabilities.

Not surprisingly, the report also states that cybersecurity professionals will be among the competencies that will be most in demand and hardest to fill.  You can read more about these and other predictions in the Forrester report, which is available at the company’s website.  To learn more about how ARG can help you find the right security partner, email info@myarg.com