Before and After ARG

ARG's engineers make a huge difference for our clients every day, but sometimes the difference is too pretty not to share.

One of ARG's stellar IE's, Matt West, was onsite on Tuesday, facilitating a client's transition to hosted voice through ARG.  He was in their LAN room moving patch cables for them while their phones were being placed.   When he got there, he was faced with quite the spaghetti tangle (pictured to the left).  While functional, it was unsightly and made troubleshooting incredibly difficult.

It took a little extra time and attention to detail, but when Matt left, it was with a light heart as he left behind the beacon of patch panel loveliness that you can see above (pictured to the right).

While the implementation engineer's primary responsibility is to ensure that circuits come up, numbers port, and that transitions go smoothly with minimal interruption, Matt is always willing to go above and beyond to improve our clients' experience. 

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