Trending Topic: Working From Home

Working from home and connecting to an office is becoming a trend, a new fad or style if you will. We here at ARG think every person in a company should be empowered to connect with the office remotely. But how?

Video conferencing is not yet a part of everyday office life, but it should be.

When Jill Kransy of spoke to HighFive CEO Shan Sinha recently, he said “Five, 10 years ago, you saw people invest in video with the hope of saving on travel. What we’re seeing now is the CEO wants to be connected to all of his office and maintain that culture.” 

An influx of companies are now more willing to fund collaboration technologies in order to get more face time with their remote employees. The costs have gone down, meeting times have decreased, and simple, consistent collaboration on projects is growing exponentially.

For those that work from home, the idea of video conferencing might not be that enticing. At the same time, a lot of people would prefer to be wholly involved in projects, so being seen is key. Video conferencing technologies allow for this to happen. There’s always the option of being seen or not while collaborating.

Having the option to work together via video conferencing is something every employee should have access too, and ARG wants to help you make it happen.

If you are interested, please reach out to Erica Lord at or submit an inquiry on our website. 

Kransy did a full interview with Sinha on making video conferencing more important in the office place, and you can find that here.