ARG prides itself on being the most respected technology consulting and brokerage firm in the Washington DC area and the largest full-service technology agency in the nation. ARG has forged its reputation as a leader in the technology space by reducing the risk of technology change for our clients.  ARG does not charge for its service. Our unique business model allows ARG to provide the following services free of charge:

Technology Consulting: ARG’s experienced consultants and networking specialists will assist you in designing a solution that addresses your business needs, creates resilient connections and provides a path for technology evolution. ARG is staffed with industry veterans with experience of managing thousands of client networks for decades. Wherever your organization is in your cloud strategy, ARG has the staff to support your needs.

Technology Brokerage: ARG transforms your network designs into reality by sourcing bids from the best carriers using best practices from our thousands of clients to implement your strategy. Similar to an insurance brokerage, ARG can select from the services of over 300 technology service providers, allowing ARG to explore and recommend the best products available in the market across multiple platforms.

ARG utilizes its telecom brokerage operations to optimize your technology experience. By mixing and matching the services from various carriers, your network can achieve greater functionality, increased resiliency, and reduced cost. Our service and support team provides you with a single interface for all of your carrier relationships, so you get the benefits of a multi-carrier solution without the complexities.

White Glove Implementation:  When you sign an order for services, the project team digs into the information to ensure we have a “clean” order to get you off to the best start possible.  They then act as client advocates throughout the implementation process, providing communication and escalation to prevent your order from getting stuck in a black hole.  They are on calls and checking online systems every day to make sure your order is hitting the milestones.  We believe that “What goes in, is what comes out”.  ARG's project support coordinators make all the difference for a successful implementation.  Unfortunately, you can’t just rely on the service provider to do what they say.  Our team gives the extra care and attention to make sure your move or technology project takes priority and communicates with you and coordinates with your vendors to ensure a smooth transition.

Implementation Engineering Support:  Sometimes the records at your existing provider just don’t seem right.  This can create a big circular discussion and all we want is to make sure you get the service you request.  

To combat some of the road bumps to a smooth implementation, ARG has hired extremely skilled field engineers who are send out onsite to get the heart of the issue. This team will also go out and make sure your implementation is handled correctly on the day of installation.  Unfortunately, just about every provider has contracted out the installation process.  Sometimes they send good contractors but, more often than not, they send the low cost bidder.   Each member of our team has very expensive carrier grade test equipment.  They make sure you get what was promised and it’s installed correctly.  They run a comprehensive test plan and make sure you are comfortable before the installation is considered complete.

On-Going Support: Ever become frustrated trying to get in touch with your telecom carrier?  Who hasn't! ARG solves that frustration by providing round the clock, live answer, US based support for your voice services and data networks. When you use ARG for your technology solutions, whether you are in the Washington DC / Baltimore metro area or anywhere in the world, ARG wants to be the one resource you call when you need help.

If you have a service or billing issue or question, you simply call ARG.  One number covers all services and any type of question or issue that may arise.