Toshiba has announced plans to shut down its business phone division. Now what do you do?

Back in January when we wrote about the Avaya bankruptcy we stated an anticipation of further disruption in this industry. Unfortunately that disruption has arrived sooner than we expected. Earlier this week, Toshiba notified their North America dealers of the pending closure of their business phone division.

As part of its global restructuring Toshiba has “deemed it necessary to wind down our Telecommunication Systems Division (TSD) business starting immediately”.

Dealers will be able to submit orders through May 22, 2017, subject to inventory availability. The dealers will do everything they can to support their warranty and maintenance customers, but this could become challenging as inventories are depleted.

This is far more serious than the Avaya bankruptcy. If you have a Toshiba phone system it will continue to work, but over time finding the parts and support you need will be more and more difficult..

If you are a current Toshiba user, what you do now? You probably have more questions than answers at this point. We invite you to reach out to ARG to discuss your options. ARG has a unique perspective on the UCaaS (Hosted Voice Phone System) industry. We have installed tens of thousands of UCaaS seats across 20 different service providers and conducted detailed evaluations of many more. We can objectively discuss your situation and evaluate your options, all at no cost to you.