Shopping for a Data Center

With Over 40 Datacenters in the Washington, DC Metro Area, How Do You Chose the Best One for You? Looking for a datacenter is a lot like looking for a new home. You are, in fact, looking for a new home for your servers and other IT equipment. Unfortunately for the datacenter seeker, there are no market directories or local newspapers to assist in your search. Nor can you drive through desired neighborhoods looking for a datacenter. Most datacenters want to hide from the general public. There may be one right in front of you and you would never know.

Finding viable datacenters is just the beginning of the datacenter search process. You then need to engage with each of the datacenter’s sales organizations, work through your particular needs with each and schedule tours of each facility. You need to objectively evaluate an extensive list of data center variables:

  • Distance from office
  • Security processes/ease of access for authorized personnel
  • Power source(s), redundant power feeds and uninterruptable power supplies
  • Operation and security in the event of a crisis
  • Qualified personnel
  • Managed services offerings
  • Cloud services available
  • Cost and scalability
  • Financial viability of owner

Consistently evaluating all of the possibilities would be challenging. If some or all of the potential data centers fail to meet your needs, you start over, or you settle for the least bad option.

But what if there was a guide to datacenters both locally and nationally? What if you could evaluate as many datacenters as necessary to find the best option for you before investing the time to conduct physical tours? What if all this assistance cost absolutely nothing? How might that simplify your search?

Welcome to ARG’s datacenter specialist group – a free resource that pairs your datacenter needs with virtually every datacenter in the area and nationwide.

For over a decade, ARG has been assisting clients with finding, moving to and connecting with datacenters. That experience, along with our relationships with all of the major datacenter providers, gives ARG a unique and unbiased view of what is available in the market and to quickly identify which datacenters will meet your particular needs.

For your own personal guided tour of data centers in the area, or around the globe, contact Justin Praske, Data Center Product Specialist at ARG (, 703.770.2430) or your ARG account manager.