Matt to the rescue!

We have a customer that was having sporadic issues with voice quality. When testing, the carrier said they were good, the Shoretel vendor also said they were good and our client services team was stuck in the middle translating telecom into English for our customer that really did not care whose fault it was. Our engineer, Matt West, went to their office Wednesday last week to test the circuit and found it was taking errors in the LAN room. The building engineer was MIA so he could not get into the DEMARC to test at the carrier hand off. The following morning Matt went back, found a custodian to let him into the demarc, tested the circuit, found it clean and then moved their circuit extension off the bad pairs and onto good pairs, tested again in the LAN room and went on about his day.

The carrier and the vendor were both correct, both of them were good to go. The customer owns the circuit extension, which ARG repaired for no charge- saving the customer money- since free is significantly less than a cabling vendor would have charged them to send a tech two times.

Great job fixing the issue, Matt!