Is it time your business moved to the cloud?

When some small businesses hear the words "cloud computing," they imagine a massive solution designed for high-budget organizations. While large companies may have been the first to migrate to the cloud, these flexible networks have become more accessible for small enterprises than ever. In fact, SMBs may have the most to gain from moving to the cloud. 

  Is it time your business took advantage of the benefits of the cloud?

Is it time your business took advantage of the benefits of the cloud?

What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing offers business IT infrastructure that they can access remotely via the internet. Unlike hosted networks, however, cloud suppliers do not simply reserve specific server space for a number of companies. Instead, they provide compute resources as a utility, like water or electricity, allowing companies to access as much as they need whenever they need them, TechTarget reports. 

How can SMBs benefit from moving to the cloud?
One of the greatest draws of cloud infrastructure for small businesses is that it can be incredibly flexible. If your company is experiencing rapid growth, cloud computing allows you to scale up your network usage without having to purchase additional servers in-house. Likewise, if business slows down, companies can scale back their usage just as easily. This is perfect for small businesses, whose demands may fluctuate more than well established enterprises. 

"Cloud infrastructure allows rapidly growing companies to scale up their network usage."

Small businesses rarely have the overhead to pay for excess resources. With cloud computing, companies only have to pay for the services they use, allowing them to adjust their spending in accordance with their budgets. Plus, by entrusting updates and maintenance to the cloud provider, SMBs can be sure they're always running at full potential without having to drain their accounts on IT resources. 

Finally, with the rapid pace at which most small enterprises move, it's crucial their IT infrastructure can keep up. Cloud computing offers fully on-demand self-service, meaning users can adjust their computing resources on the go without having to interface with a third party. 

Is your business ready to migrate to the cloud?
As appealing as the above advantages may seem, it's crucial to carefully evaluate your business needs before investing in a move to the cloud. As you take stock of your situation, keep these questions in mind:

Is your IT budget struggling to keep up with your growth?
Are you interested in becoming more mobile? 
Do you need to improve your digital security? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, cloud computing could provide a cost-effective solution. At ARG, we are experts in helping companies find the right technology solutions to support their business. Not only can we save you as much as 40 percent on your eventual bill, but our corporate technology consultants provide unparalleled 24/7 business network support. To learn more about how ARG can help your company work smarter, contact us today.