Virtual Desktops: The Obvious Choice

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI) are quickly becoming the “it” service of 2015. We here at ARG use VDI, and are strong proponents of integrating it into the workplace. Not sure why DaaS or VDI could help you? Well a recent survey on the State of the Desktop seems to have all the answers. So, here are some of the key findings we find most helpful when making this important decision.

For one, ninety-seven percent of all those that use DaaS or VDI are satisfied with it. This means that out of the 32.5 percent of organizations that are planning to move to a virtual desktop, less than one percent of those people are going be not satisfied. That’s a pretty great percentage of happy, if you ask us.

Next, if you are looking to make your workforce mobile, the virtual desktop is the right solution for you. The leading benefit of VDI is mobility enablement. Not only will working remotely become your normal, you will also be saving time and improving efficiency along with 63.5% of all other IT professionals.

Finally, what about cost? Well, nearly half of the executives that work with virtual desktops noted cost savings. What’s better than mobility, security, and savings? Not much.

If you’re interested in learning more about Desktop-as-a-Service and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, check out the entire survey here. More importantly, reach out to ARG at to get the 411 on how we can help you conquer 2015 with a virtual desktop.