ARG Encompasses Value of Mobile Support

2015 is quickly becoming the year of the mobile worker. When enabling a mobile workforce, the user experience is key to the value add that mobility provides. “Always on” connectivity provides the mobile workforce balance and flexibility in their personal and work life. Subsequently, “always on” connectivity requires 24/7/365 mobile support for any issue that may arise. 

Mobile support and service is key to optimizing the user experience and in turn, the workforce itself. Supporting your mobile workforce comes at a cost, both in money and time. In Calero Software LLC’s recent white paper, “Enabling the Mobile Workforce”, they provide important statistics that any company can apply to their own workforce in order to estimate the cost of a service desk. 

According to Calero, at a world class helpdesk “new orders range from 1%-1.5% and upgrades average 3.5% monthly” of ticket volume.” Calero also states, “The average time to resolve each ticket time is about 17 minutes; average handling cost varies from under $20 to over $300 per incident.” Apply those figures to your workforce, and the time and resources needed to support your mobile workforce could be staggering in the worst way.

While there are other options, ARG is your best bet for reducing those costs. On average, ARG is able to save clients 21% on their wireless bills while alleviating the man hours needed to manage the growing corporate expense of mobile support. ARG takes the handling costs out of a mobile workforce through:

• Wireless cost savings through plan optimization without changing carriers

• A vendor agnostic web based management tool to give you insight into what is behind your wireless bill

• Invoice validation for all services

• Monitoring and alert of potential fraud, waste & abuse

• Automated reporting & cost allocations

The bottom line is, a mobile workforce is a necessity in 2015. Calero puts it perfectly when they explain, “the consumerization of workforce mobility has given the user experience more weight in the equation balancing mobile capabilities, cost, and productivity.” Mobile support weighs heavily on user experience, but ARG can offload that challenge from your organization.

If you are considering mobilizing your workforce for 2015, you can reach out directly to our Managed Services Director, Patrick McGugan, at

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