ARG ALERT: Severe Weather Contact Information

The National Weather Service noted the possibility for severe thunderstorms today.

ARG is here to help you weather the storm. We've been in touch with our carriers to make sure resources have been lined up to respond as quickly as possible for restoration and repair.  ARG is here to assist you if troubles arise. We are here to answer your calls, open tickets, escalate with the carriers, and provide technical consulting and troubleshooting along the way.

We'd like you to have multiple ways of contacting ARG in the event you experience an outage - please contact us in the order below when reporting your trouble or reaching out for status:

1. Hotline: 703-770-2400

2. Back-up: 866-521-5174

3. for non-urgent issues or if you can't get through via phone

4. for updates on widespread outages 

We look forward to helping you and your team weather these storms throughout the summer.

Please be safe!