Colocation: The 411

The task of scouting out the perfect managed hosting service can be daunting. Especially when people start throwing around words like “cloud”, “hardware”, and “colocation”.

An April article from HostReview explains colocation and the difficult questions people may have during the selection process. The author, Anand Srinivasan, defined colocation as “the process of housing your own services in a professional datacenter.” He continues, “Colocation is similar to having your own in-house hosting server except that you avoid the risks and scalability issues that come with managing your own in-house solution.”

With the “what” cleared up for all of his readers, Srinivasan also lists five basic questions a company should ask itself before deciding whether to commit to clouding their infrastructure or starting with collocating in a physical data center. He provides great answers to those questions that can help every business along the way. You can check out his article, here.

The truth is, there’s a lot of hype around managed services and “the cloud,” – but the fact is that it’s not the right move for everyone right now.

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