ARG uses a detail consulting process to ensure that your needs are met and the solution is one that ARG can support for you in the years to come.

ARG wants to be your RESOURCE.

R – REVIEW YOUR NEEDS ARG will meet with you and discuss:
• Your terms of service and providers
• Changes you would like to consider
• Special applications that you run
• Providers you want to include or exclude
• Current contracts in place
E – EXAMINE YOUR CURRENT SERVICES Once we’ve met with you to determine what you have in service
today and what your future objectives are,we will:

• Analyze your current billing into a detailed, easy to understand snapshot
• Review your current contracts
• Perform a data bandwidth audit, if appropriate
• Talk with your equipment vendors to inventory important technical details
• Send our ARG engineers to physically survey your configuration 

S- SUMMARIZE OPTIONS After examining your current situation,we will:

• Negotiate the best quotes from providers meeting your criteria
• Provide an apples-to-apples comparison
• Show you all of your options
• Make a recommendation based on your needs and preferences
O – OFFER RECOMMENDATIONS When making our final recommendation to you,we will:
• Consider your needs and preferences
• Consider cost
• Consider provider stability
• Consider provider competencies

U – UNCOMPLICATE THE PROCESS After everything is analyzed and our recommendations are presented,
we will do the following:

• Always defer to you for the final selection
• Assign a project manager within ARG to work on your implementation
• Prepare an implementation timeline/plan
• Track intervals so the order doesn’t slip into a black hole
• Provide regular updates on order status
• Assign an ARG engineer to oversee installation 

R -REPRESENT YOUR INTERESTS Once your service is up and running,we will:
• Give you a list of provider contacts, including escalation numbers
• Be your single point of contact, should you choose
• Review and escalate all billing disputes for you
• Happily talk to telecom sales reps on your behalf when you refer them to us

C – CONSULT WITH YOU REGULARLY As an ARG customer, you will receive:
• Calls and visits from us to make sure everything is going well
• Regular newsletters with tips and information on the industry
• Periodic reviews of service/rates/alternatives by your ARG Account Manager
• Resources to review new products/services
Our goal is to not only set realistic expectations throughout the entire process,but also to exceed them.We are confident that you will find the ARG team consistently goes above and beyond to serve your needs.