Let ARG resolve that issue for you. ARG not only simplifies the review and selection of your preferred carriers in the consulting process, we hand-hold the project through the implementation process. Your involvement is minimal as we take your order, gather the technical information the carriers will need to launch their critical activities and work with your equipment carriers throughout the implementation process to ensure a trouble-free installation.

ARG has a full team of telecom, internet access and data networking specialists to work for you in turning up your new, optimized network and start saving without breaking a sweat. ARG project managers manage hundreds of projects like yours so they are familiar with potential obstacles and will work to ensure that all the moving parts are accounted for and your project goes smoothly.

If you are in the Washington DC / Baltimore metro area, ARG will dispatch a field engineer for a pre-installation site survey and for a voice cut over. The engineer provides an added layer of certainty that your implementation will proceed smoothly by doing a full inventory of your circuits and numbers before your project to ensure they all port to your new provider. They are then onsite for turn up to ensure that the circuit is delivered and terminated correctly (you’d be surprised how many they need to fix) and that any circuit delivery issues are quickly resolved

Once your service is up, the engineer works carefully through a test plan with your phone vendor to ensure that your services are working and all your numbers have ported to your new carrier.