You can do it the old way: Wait for several carrier sales people to cold call you – it happens so frequently, it should not take long. Set-up separate meetings with each telecom rep. Hear how great their company is, how much you can save and how well you will be treated. Explain to each what you are looking for. Field their follow-up questions for the next several weeks. Schedule a proposal meeting with each and then field follow-up calls for the next month while you decide who to use. You try do discern what is real and what is marketing spin. You try to reconcile the designs and proposals so they are comparable. You award the bid to one carrier, then break the bad news to the unsuccessful bidders. Phew, that’s a lot of work!

Now consider the ARG way. You make one call to 866-521-5121 and ask to make an appointment with a telecom consultant. You meet face to face with the consultant in the Washington DC / Baltimore metropolitan area or a via a web conference if you are outside the local area. You describe your situation, what your needs are and some possible carrier alternatives you want to look at. In two weeks, the consultant comes back with a solution and a handful of carrier alternative quotes. You and the consultant work through the pros and cons of each solution. Make a decision and move forward. It is that easy.

Best of all, since ARG consultants are always putting one carrier’s quotes next to other carriers, the carriers always start with very aggressive rates – they know they are being compared to others and have to represent a good cost structure from the very beginning.

ARG consultants listen to you, evaluate the carrier alternatives for you, present you with the best options and work with you to make a decision. ARG is a single point of contact for all your telecom and data networking needs.