Will New Compliance Regulations Impact Your Business?

GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new compliance standard designed to improve individual data protection in the EU. Failure to comply with these regulations by May 25th, 2018 could result in millions of dollars in fines.

Answer these 4 quick questions to determine if your company may be subject to the new GDPR compliance requirements:

  1. Does your organization have operations in the European Union?
  2. Does your organization offer or target goods or services to EU residents? (i.e. accept EU currencies, take orders in EU languages, have web pages in EU languages)
  3. Does your organization process the data of any organization that might answer "yes" to any of the above? (i.e. payroll processing, event coordination, membership management, legal work that may involve individuals in the EU)
  4. Does your organization track the behavior, location or activities of targeted individuals within the EU? (i.e. web browser cookies, travel arrangements, conferences)

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions, then it is likely that you will be required to be compliant with GDPR or risk fines. To read more about GDPR, consider this blog series by Imperva. If you need assistance with next steps or would like more information, ARG is here to help. 

Send a few convenient dates and times info@myarg.com and we'll set up a no cost consultation to discuss your organization's requirements.