Why You Need Microsoft Lync Integrated Audio

Microsoft Office 365 comes packed with some powerful tools that increase productivity and the ability to collaborate.  When it comes to collaboration, Microsoft has developed Lync which includes a free voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) audio feature that allows you to use the internet to talk to your conference participants. This is a great value but call quality can fluctuate over the public internet. We have heard multiple complaints that the VoIP audio solution is not business quality in a conference call environment. Very large calls and delay due to distance can cause dropped calls, missing voice segments, static, or echo on VoIP audio calls over the public internet. A conference environment multiplies those issues for each participant as latency from one party can create a poor environment for everyone.

To improve the audio conference experience, Microsoft has exclusively partnered with three audio conferencing providers to offer a fully integrated high-end telephone based audio conferencing service. These partnerships are designed to bridge the gap between the low quality free VoIP service and what you would normally expect on a business grade conference call.

These three providers offer packages that require each user to subscribe to a monthly plan of approximately $20 per user, per month.

ARG has a cost effective alternative: ARG has negotiated agreements with the Microsoft exclusive providers to eliminate the monthly subscription plan and put your company in a position to pay for only what you use.

This allows you to avoid monthly packages that come with a bundle of minutes and overage fees, and secure a low per minute rate where your company pays for only what it uses.  Let ARG take the large fixed costs out of equation and secure a solution that has no surprises and minimizes your expenses.

What integrated audio conferencing will do for you:

-     Dial-in or dial-out for participants on any phone for both internal and external callers

-      Access to over 100 local and international dial-in numbers

-      Meetings with up to 300 audio participants at once

-      Dial-in details included on Outlook calendar invite

-      Ability to record telephone audio with Microsoft Lync web visuals

-      View and control telephone audio through Microsoft Lync to mute lines, dial out to other participants, disconnect lines, lecture mode.

Simply call ARG today set up your integrated Microsoft Lync audio conferencing service with one of Microsoft’s exclusive partners.