Dreaming of a White Christmas or a Snowmaggedon Nightmare?

The DC area is in for another rough winter, according to predictions from the Old Farmer's Almanac.  "It's going to be colder, wetter, and snowier than usual -- so, almost like last year," says Old Farmer's Almanac senior associate editor Sarah Perreault.  Snowfall in 2014-15 is predicted in our area every winter month between November and March. Snow blanketed holidays are appealing, but no one wants to think about another Snowmaggedon. Regardless of your feelings about snow, it isn't a bad idea to plan for business continuity and inclement weather plans as winter approaches.  In fact, most issues that businesses face that negatively impact their business are not seasonal.  Human error, malware, and simple server failures happen every day.  Why not take this opportunity to protect your mission critical applications and prepare your business for the everyday issues that arise…and give you the peace of mind that you could recover from the next Snowmaggedon, Snowpocolyse, or any other issue that might arise.

ARG offers multiple options that make putting a business continuity plan in place easy, affordable, and effective.  Please contact us today to see how ARG can offer you the protection and peace of mind heading into this winter.