Video Conferencing Continues to Grow as Major UC Technology

Video Conferencing has become one of the most talked about technologies of Unified Communications (UC) by both vendors and enterprises. As a result, many companies are looking for ways to integrate this collaboration technology into their already built out UC architectures.

A recent article on TechTarget highlights three trends that are ushering video conferencing into business’ UC, and here at ARG we can’t help but agree with them. The author of the article, Katherine Trost, cites three “converging” trends:  improved video quality and falling prices, benefits for remote workers, and declining travel budgets.

Most people will say that they want to know that the person they’re speaking too is focusing on them and not multitasking. The technology works in conjunction with web conferencing, which allows businesses to not only “meet” virtually, but also see each other.

At ARG, we see enterprises planning to integrate video conferencing fairly often for the reasons mentioned above. In fact, a recent study by Nemertes Research on the companies they work with shows that “nearly three quarters of organizations are deploying or planning to deploy some form of video conferencing, with the strongest growth areas being desktop and telepresence.”

We are confident that the number of people planning to deploy video conferencing will continue to grow. According to Trost, most businesses site video conferencing as one of the technologies to survive an IT budget cut, signifying its importance.

ARG has resources dedicated to staying on top of the audio, web and video conferencing, and collaboration marketplace. We negotiate the lowest rates and best services for our client, while monitoring trends in the industry to ensure that our clients are not charged the excessive fees and surcharges that are running rampant on conferencing bills today.

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