A response to the AWS S3 Outage- Jim Begley

Throwing stones is easy.  With the outage of AWS yesterday, I’m sure today we will see many that want to tell that they have the right solution.  One thing I know for sure in almost 20 years in technology is that technology breaks.  In fact, one of the best engineers I worked with at an ISP would say the Internet is down whenever we had a problem on our backbone.  She was the best in an emergency.  The reality is that service is only as good as the support you want and need. 

At ARG we are not a service provider, in fact, our goal is to help you evaluate who can provide the best service for what your company needs.  But, as we continue to support you post sale, we also account for who deals with problems well.

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As ARG's Cloud Technology Advisor, Jim Begley brings over 20 years of experience in technology organizations and joins ARG from a Fortune 500 Cloud computing and storage company.  Jim's rich background in engineering, operations and solutions development gives him a unique view of the world customers have to deal with.  Jim is ideally placed to assist organizations in flushing out technical requirements and vetting solutions to find the perfect fit to enhance their operating environment.