Relationships Matter

ARG builds relationships. Our team focuses on building those relationships with our clients,our carriers, and with some of the top IT support, VARS, PBX Vendors, and Cabling crews in the area.

•We treat every customer as a team member and we work on your issues as if they were our own.

•Many of our staff have been here 5 years or more and have developed relationships with our clients and are invested in making sure everything runs smoothly.

•We have our own database that logs your inventory and all ticket history against that inventory.

•Our history helps you, especially if there are chronic problems that needs to be addressed. We can help you prove your service level to the carrier.

•We work for solutions – finger pointing and the blame game is not our style.  We coordinate and work with all willing parties to make sure your issues are resolved. We will not leave your side until you are satisfied.

•We respect the relationships you have with your vendors and we will treat them as an extension of our team.

•We provide our carriers with important feedback that helps them train and place resources to give us a better experience, this higher tier of service is passed directly on to you.

•We have the ability to call Engineers, Technicians, COT's, Service Managers, Service Directors and many other people from the majority of companies that we work with (carrier and vetted vendor alike.) They recognize our experience, have worked with us in the past they will take the time to stop and help us, likewise, if they need something from us we will take the time to stop and help them

•Similarly we work with the top equipment, cabling and infrastructure support organizations in the area so if the issue isn't something we can fix, we can refer you to someone who can.