Preventing a Repeat of Friday’s Cisco WebEx Outage

 Cisco webex was down for a good portion of the day on friday, June 3rd

Cisco webex was down for a good portion of the day on friday, June 3rd

On Friday, Cisco end users including those using WebEx, Cloud Connected Audio, Cisco Jabber and Cisco Spark experienced page loading delays and errors, sign-in errors, VoIP or video errors, and latency.   The issue was identified as an external denial of service (DoS) attack and Cisco communicated that while this was disruptive to service delivery, all Cisco WebEx customer data remains secure.  

Here is how you can mitigate the risk of this happening in the future- whether you are a user or a provider of an Internet-based service. 


It is a quick and easy fix to set up a second “backup service” for audio and web conferencing and deliver a robust multi-vendor insurance policy to your users. The Cisco outage proves that even the behemoths can go down and be inaccessible for the greater part of a day.   There are multiple providers that can provide you with a service where you only pay for what you use – so there no risk. 


If you provide an internet based service to customers, such as e-commerce, online bill pay or VoIP telephony, a DoS attack could cost you your livelihood.  There are multiple network-based services that detect and resolve denial-of-service (DoS) attacks by cyber criminals.  Similar to a network based anti-spam service, these services filter malicious traffic BEFORE they reach your network, ensuring that your services are always available.

To learn more about either of these solutions and which providers are the best fit for your organization, contact ARG.