EVENT RECAP: ARG’s Mobile Strategy Webinar

Mobility was such a hot topic at our September seminar that we featured it in our November webinar on Best Practices for Developing a Mobile Strategy. We had a great turn out and good split of attendees who currently support BYOD (33%)  Corporate Liable (44%) and Hybrid (21%) policies for their users. ARG’s very own Pat McGugan provided examples of the necessary components of a BYOD and Corporate Liable Policies as well as the best mobile strategies to limit exposure. Not having a plan can be scary, especially considering the volume of important company data stored on mobile devices, and that only 25% of devices are accessible for a remote wipe in case of theft or loss. Shockingly, 91 percent of attendees said they do not deploy mobile device management today. Despite those high numbers, mobile security was called into question and minds were changed thanks to the mobility expertise here at ARG.

Our exit interview found that most people found value in the Best Practices & Considerations for Policy, Awareness of Security Risks, and Mobile Device Management. Some insightful questions brought to light that ARG can help build a business case to move wireless back into the organization, and can typically offset the support costs and resources.

Not able to attend the webinar and would like to find out how to beef up your policy and secure mobile devices? Head on over to ARG’s YouTube page [Link] where the presentation is located. If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email Pat or schedule an appointment by emailing info@myarg.com