Microsoft Takes Hybrid Cloud One Step Further

Microsoft has made a big announcement: Microsoft Azure Stack. The new addition will be just one of the services Microsoft plans to add to the initial Azure program. Though it will not become available until 2016, techies all around the world are excited for its launch. But what exactly is Microsoft Azure Stack?

According to TechTarget, the new service will expand Azure’s “application development and deployment model to any data center, whether that’s an enterprise on-premise data center or that of a hosting company.”

In simpler terms, writer Frederic Lardinois explains, “It’s essentially a private cloud solution for IT pros and makes it easier for developers to scale their apps across their existing data centers and then boost to the cloud if they need more capacity on short notice.”

Azure Stack will also benefit developers through its integration with Azure Preview Portal. Enterprise IT regularly faces the rerouting of orders so that cloud servers can be provisioned. The new solution offers developers a way to prevent the redirect from ever taking place.

Mike Schutz, Microsoft general manager for cloud platform marketing, told Lardinois that “Microsoft wants to make the customer’s data centers the edge of its cloud and its customers should be able to think of Azure as the edge of their cloud.”

Microsoft’s developments with Azure stack provide many different angles for the cloud to be utilized, but it all can get a bit confusing.

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