Major Takeaway from Channel Partner Show

The ARG team met with 42 of the leading global and national providers of voice and data services as well as providers of creative new services.  The team also visited with many more in passing through out the Channel Partners Expo (#CPExpo) in both the hallways and restaurants of Vegas. 

It’s clear that providers are relying more and more on the channel to interact with their users and clients.  Fortunately, those providers who have made the commitment to the channel are realizing far greater success.  Thus, providers are investing more and more into supporting companies like ARG as they are relying on us for more of their growth going forward. 

ARG's model offers them a far more efficient method to go to market, rather than building out local sales offices across the country.  As the industry increases in complexity, the national companies simply can’t afford to hire and manage all the expert technical resources that ARG has already assembled. 

All in all, many discussions were had to drive the providers centralized support all the way through to our clients.