Increase Productivity with the Cloud


To run a business successfully, companies need to ensure their employees can work productively and provide customers with the best service. The changing technology landscape can seem intimidating at times, but the switch to cloud services can make a huge impact on company efficiency. It can also improve customer service. A 2015 survey from the University of Tennessee found that nearly 70 percent of participants reported their clients found it easier to do business with them after using cloud-based services.

Cloud services can make your company more efficient in a number of areas, such as:

Improved technology is a draw for younger applicants who appreciate that the investment allows them to integrate their work with their existing devices and new and evolving applications.  It also affords all employees more flexibility and better work / life balance. Employees are becoming more and more interested in working remotely. Being able to offer people the option of working from home or to actually accomplish work from a client site can greatly improve employee satisfaction.  This approach can be particularly useful in larger cities where commuting can take people an hour or more to travel to and from the office.

  Help your company be more productive by transitioning to the cloud. 

Help your company be more productive by transitioning to the cloud. 

The cloud can help your business become more mobile by securely giving workers access to company information outside of the office. A great aspect of cloud services is that you can set parameters around what people view when they're not in the office. Controlling access in this way will limit security risks and make it more difficult for outsiders to view confidential information, as the information resides in the cloud, not on the device. People enjoy the sense of freedom they receive from the company's flexibility and have a higher level of job satisfaction. Happier employees result in better retention and an improved customer experience. In addition, a survey by TINYpulse reported that 91 percent of employees feel like they're more productive when they work remotely. 

As a business, you need to be highly available to clients and partners. This often means being able to share documents, set up conference calls and provide support. Choosing the right cloud services can simplify all of these tasks for any business. For example, documents can be quickly and easily shared through cloud-based servers as well as stored so people can view them whenever they need to.  Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) delivers a number of improved customer experience options and integration with other platforms that make communication more fluid.  

Internal & External User Experience
A major benefit of the cloud for many companies is that it is a cost effective way to improve user experience. End user experience is a combination of several factors: the reliability, availability and performance of the infrastructure, platforms and applications that an organization offers, and the impact these have on user productivity.  

You're no longer maintaining servers at the office, worrying about overheating or power issues, or paying to manage the equipment. Instead, that is all done remotely for you. In addition, you don't have to worry about updating your equipment. Cloud services will change and expand, but the upgrades are easily implemented and included in the monthly cost.  Bandwidth and connectivity is a top priority for cloud providers so availability and performance is maximized. In addition, many cloud providers also offer some level of IT services. If your company is worried about transitioning to the cloud because you don't have a lot of tech support, you can include some of these services with your cloud plan. Cloud services can offload internal support from your staff to allow them to focus on improving the customer experience.

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