The Hosted Voice Advantage for Business


Traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN) services have provided the business world an outlet for successful communication for quite a while as a top tier technology solution. In 2015, Hosted VoIP is quickly becoming the most viable option for businesses, and exceeding expectations far past PTSN. Why? Functionality is important, and a fully hosted solution in the cloud improves functionality immensely.

A Press Release from early on in April 2015 touts the advantages of Hosted VoIP. There are a handful of those advantages, most importantly cost reduction, increased availability of IT resources, and competitive functionality.

The press release explains, “One of the most important functional areas, particularly with a sales force or other staff who are constantly mobile, is the ability to cater for their needs when they are out of the office.  A single phone number regardless of where they are and whether they are on their smart phone is one example.  Customers only need to use one number and when they are called they recognize the number and don’t ignore it because it is unfamiliar.”

ARG knows the benefits of Hosted VoIP first hand. With a remote work force and the need for constant collaboration, Hosted VoIP was the smart solution for success.  Integrating mobile devices into the corporate voice platform so that calls can be directed to any person on any device no matter where a person is physically located is a game changer.  Employees can transfer calls internally without physical limitations.  You should never have to ask a caller to hang up and dial back into another division, location or extension.  Hosted voice allows smaller companies to appear equal to the largest companies.  Plus, it offers so much more flexibility.  While you’re in Chicago preparing for an afternoon meeting, you can receive your calls directly and then transfer to client services in Virginia.  Your client has a better experience, your productivity is enhanced and you have less stress of playing catch up when you return to the office.

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To read the entire press release, click here