Enabling Business Communication

Business Communication is vital to every organization, being able to communicate both internally with other employees and externally with customers or business partners is a way of life. By moving to a Hosted Voice or UCaaS model, you are enabling this communication across your business community. Hosted Voice allows your internal users to see availability of teammates which allows faster and easier communications within your organization. Hosted Voice also provides external customers or business partners the ability to reach employees when employees are traveling or working outside the typical office environment. Employees can setup individual user profiles with call forwarding or find me/follow me settings so their office number can become any number wherever they are:

Unified Communication Platform
Unified Communication Platform
  • Anywhere, Anyone, Anytime.
    • Enable employees to work from anywhere at any time to become more productive.
    • Collaborate in real time with employees and partners faster.
    • Build business continuity and disaster recovery. Allow users to work anywhere during times of inclement weather or office disruption.

Enabling business transformation has never been easier, with so many providers knocking on doors, ARG is sure you have at least considered some kind of UCaaS option. So how can ARG help your organization?

ARG provides free consulting services so that we can clearly identify your requirements and understand your business goals. We objectively represent the major players in the market to ensure you get the best fit.

ARG will work with you to create a plan and by using our industry knowledge. We will do your homework for you. ARG has already conducted market research and gathered information on over 25 different Hosted Voice providers. We allow you to focus on your core business and provide the information you need to make the best decision for your organization.

ARG makes Hosted Voice Easier! For over 20 years, ARG has provided enhanced client-carrier support services to our customers at no additional cost to their telecommunications service charge. We are focused on making hosted services a better experience for our customers.

To find out how hosted voice an benefit your business, contact ARG toll-free at 866.521.5121 or request information via email at info@myarg.com.