Disaster Recovery as a Service: What is it and how can your business use it?



Did you know, the easiest and most cost effective way for a business to protect its mission critical applications and information is through DRaaS, Disaster Recovery as a Service? It’s true. In fact, over 96% of businesses that trial DRaaS decide to move forward with the implementation.

But what could possibly happen to our business that’s considered a “disaster?” Great question. A disaster can range from human error to malware, hardware and software issues to total loss of location. Bottom line, without Disaster Recovery your company is at risk.

So what are the benefits? Cloud based backup provides for business continuity in times of any disaster, and there are continuous restore capabilities for server based recovery. On top of that, it’s a managed service, and there are zero licensing fees, maintenance contracts, or internal admin overhead. Not convinced? DRaaS is an incredibly flexible solution that can evolve with ever changing environments and applications.

In 2013, DRBenchmark.org surveyed 2,000+ companies to find that more than 36% of them lost one or more critical applications for one hour or more in the past year. One in four companies indicated that they lost most or all of a data center for more than one hour, and in some cases, for days at a time.

Why set your company up to become part of those statistics? The easy answer is, you don’t have too.  ARG can help your business research, vet, and implement DRaaS, and support your solution 24x7 post implementation.

In fact, for Summer 2015 we have a FREE two week Trial available for Direct to Cloud DRaaS that will cover one server up to 500GB. If your business is unsure, this trial will showcase the protection and recoverability of DRaaS and the ease of administration for the service.

For clients that have requirements for a local recovery point, ARG also offers DRaaS in a Hybrid model that puts a recovery point on site for the business as well as offering the cloud recovery. 

If you have an interest in DRaaS for your business, or any questions regarding clouding your company, please reach out at info@myarg.com or through our contact page.

For more information on maintaining your recovery plan in-house or outsourcing it, consider this article from CIO