Delivering on Promises: Community Residences

ARG loves to help organizations that help our community. Community Residences is a local organization that we are proud to support and we were delighted that they were willing to share their experience working with us. I have been working with ARG for a few years now and can’t tell you how impressed we are with their service.  When we first contacted them our goal was to save money on local and long distance services.  The solution they provided gave us an annual savings of over $15k.  Not only were they saving us money, they were also providing better customer service.  The great thing about ARG is that they assign you a customer service representative who handles everything, so when there is a problem, you make one call to ARG and they do the rest.  ARG … has gone above and beyond what was expected to make sure the service they promised was being met. - Jeff

Community Residences offers individuals with disabilities supportive housing and the physical, mental and emotional services needed to facilitate independent and dignified living within the community.

CR provides medical, therapeutic, educational, vocational, residential and integrative recreational services to the formation of vital relational communities through which each individual may experience greater independence, dignity, fulfillment and happiness.

Formed in 1975 by area residents, churches and government leaders, CR was established to serve people with mental health diagnoses, intellectual disabilities and those who were homeless. Since that time, CR has grown into a fiscally responsible, individual-driven agency.

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