Defense Against Ransomware

Yesterday, the largest cybersecurity incident in history impacted hundreds of thousands of computers and corporate networks. The ransomware attack started in Asia and spread across Europe and had begun to infect computers in the US and South America when its spread was reportedly halted by accident. Had the attack not been halted, experts projected that the attack could have had a life-changing impact globally.
Ransomware and other cyber threats are increasingly common. ARG is advising all clients to adopt a series of best practices to protect your organization’s data integrity and security. ARG’s best practices include:
1.    Comprehensive security assessment conducted by a cybersecurity expert other than your current security service provider.
2.    Changing security vendors every 2 – 3 years.
3.    Cloud-based email security to intercept suspect emails before they enter your perimeter.
4.    Employee training on safe cyber practices.
5.    Backup and recovery / business continuity strategy, including the ability to restore operations without access to your current server/client environment.
This list may seem daunting, but ARG has a complete portfolio of solution providers to address these important practices. ARG is ready to assist you in establishing your security profile. These services are surprisingly affordable, and certainly a mandatory investment relative to the costs associated with an attack.
Cyber threats are now a fact of life. Technology leaders are expected to have comprehensive solutions to minimize the threat to their organization, and to minimize the impact when (not “if”) an incident occurs.

Email if you have concerns about your organization’s security and we will have an ARG consultant contact you immediately to discuss your needs.