Dealing with Distracted Driving

Millions of times a day, companies are exposed to employees’ risk behaviors that could result in multimillion dollar lawsuits. What could an employee do without even breaking your existing company’s policies that could bring your company to its knees? Here are just 2 of many examples: A lumber wholesaler, settled for over $16 million after one of its salesmen collided with the Buick driven by a 78-year-old woman. He hit her while talking on his cell phone. A rental company was successfully sued by a person who was injured by a Regional Sales Manager. Not only were they sued, they also lost an appeal. According the Sales Manager, the rental company never prohibited him from talking on his cell phone while driving, nor did it have any policies or procedures forbidding distracted driving. The danger has been recognized by law enforcement and state legislatures have committed to combat distracted driving, more and more states are implementing laws prohibiting texting and driving and in some states, no talking on cell phones.

At the federal level, on October 1, 2009, President Obama issued an Executive Order, “Federal Leadership on Reducing Text Messaging While Driving,” instructing Federal employees and contractors not to perform text messaging while driving a United States Government owned vehicle, while driving their personal vehicle on official, United States Government, business, or while driving and using a United States Government owned electronic device.

Did you know: A driver who is texting is 23x more likely to get into an accident (compared to a drunk driver who is 8x more likely to get into an accident). Liability settlements against individuals and their companies for distracted driving accidents are exploding. Even if your company has a policy, could you be better protected if your company could prove it took preventative measures?

Proven strategies to prevent distracted driving, and new solutions being developed every day. ARG has subject matter experts with multiple relationships with solution providers who focus on these issues. We work with our clients to mitigate risks in the most cost effective and technologically appropriate manner. We consult with you about your specific challenges and how we can leverage our experiences in Mobility Policy Development and Management to achieve your objectives. We encourage you to evaluate your mobile policies and consult with us on the best way update them to protect your company, employees and your community at large.

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