Conferencing Industry Concerns

Our experience has shown us that the average bill that we analyze is inflated up to 30% with conferencing add on fees. Depending on the provider, these fees vary and are hidden within the call detail of each bill. For example, some providers are charging conference minimums fees, which means a call must bill a certain amount or the customer is charged a shortfall. To the naked eye, customers are not aware that they are being charged this fee. Carriers are also starting to raise ancillary fees without notifying their customers. There are many games being played and these hidden fees are running rampant in our industry. ARG is expert on what these fees are and how to identify them. By reviewing your invoice we can help you rest assured that you are only paying for what you use and nothing more. If we do find these hidden fees we can quickly make a recommendation to eliminate them and ultimately decrease your overall conferencing spend. In reviewing countless conferencing bills our analysts are seeing a concerning trend.  If you haven’t had ARG analyze your conferencing bill lately you might be surprised by what we find.

Many people think that they are getting a low per minute rate, but they are actually paying an exorbinant amount in fees and surcharges.  The price per minute of conferencing has lowered to a point where the providers have begun to augment their revenue using fees, much like the airlines have added baggage and other fees to offset rising fuel costs.  We are seeing these fees in over 60% of the invoices that we analyze.

Sadly, even long-time customers are not immune.  New fees are being added every week; so even if your invoice was free of these charges when you were initially set up, they may have been added to your bill since then.

ARG is standing by to act as your resource and protect you from these exploitative processes.  At ARG we have negotiated these fees out of our contracts.  Due to the high volume of conferencing business used by our clients, we are able to offer the lowest rates as well as protection from these unnecessary fees.

Contact us today to have our analysts review your latest invoice to see if we can uncover some of these hidden fees and help you eliminate them, ultimately saving you money.

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