Collaboration Technology to Eliminate Boring Face-to-Face Meetings

Most people think that the way to avoid a long, boring, drawn out meeting is to use common sense. Have an agenda, give attendees a limited amount of speaking time, etc. But what if that’s not the solution at all?

In a recent article for INC, Todd Wasserman quotes a survey by recruitment firm Robert Walters saying, “Eighty percent of employees say their meetings are unproductive and waste valuable working hours.”

At the same time, the capability of having an in-person meeting while multiple employees work around the world is slim to none. Unless, the meeting is hosted with collaboration technology. Those technologies could be the solution to the "boring meeting problem.

Wasserman says, “With a collaboration tool, employees can all contribute to a discussion or even collaborate on [a] presentation at their own leisure during the week.” He continues, “A presentation on sales trends, for instance can include data from all the salespeople in the field.”

Collaboration and participation in meetings is key. With the right technology, meetings become interesting, dynamic, and what most would hope, quick.

Web conferencing or video conferencing are great forms of this technology. Many new applications are being released that essentially eliminate the multiple PowerPoint presentations aspect of meetings, but the web based collaboration is not the “be all, end all”. It’s just necessary in most cases.

To read more of Todd Wasserman’s tips for successful meetings, check it out here.

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