Video Release: Build a Better Defensive Line for Your Business

We had a such blast with Comcast and all of our wonderful guests at our Build a Better Defensive Line for Your Business event at Redskins Park this month! If you were unable to make it and would like to learn more about building an effective business continuity plan for your organization, the video recording of the event is now available! Below the video you can find an outline of what was covered by ARG's speakers.


Greg Praske - CEO
00:03 – Introduction and Overview
Steve Murphy - Vice President (I)
01:44 – Your Viewpoints
01:55 – Threats to Your Technology Operations
02:53 – Three Layers of Protection
Justin Praske - Fiber & Data Center Product Specialist
03:30 – Access Diversity
04:05 – Creating Access Redundancy/Diversity I
05:18 – Fiber Map of Redskins Park
05:49 – Creating Access Redundancy/Diversity II
Ray Kriss - Senior Solutions Engineer
08:28 – SD-WAN... Simply Defined by the Benefits
12:44 – SD-WAN... Scalable Value for Every Enterprise
13:44 – Defending the Perimeter (The Best Offense is a Great SD-WAN Defense) 
15:04 – SD-WAN Defensive Measures
Jim Begley - Cloud Technology Advisor
16:05 – Secure Infrastructure and Recovery
16:40 – Protecting Critical Systems
17:50 – Top Ways to Prevent Downtime
20:20 – Cloud Increases Up-Time
Steve Murphy - Vice President (II)
21:02 – What Does an Ounce of Protection Cost?
21:45 – How Do I Start?

Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed the video and found the content valuable. If you have any questions or would like to explore business continuity options for your organization, please contact us at or (703) 770-2400.