ARG Solutions for IT Hiring Troubles

The IT hiring environment in 2015 is set to be ultra-competitive. Despite an abundance of open positions, skill levels in an ever evolving tech atmosphere just aren’t up to snuff.


CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook 2015 surveyed 649 companies in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., and the results highlight both the positive andnegative factors the current IT hiring environment encompasses. Forty-three percent of companies said their IT departments were understaffed despite large gains in requests for IT skills including but not limited to SQL, Java, Oracle, Linux and more.

The skills required to excel in an IT position have exponentially increased with the creation of rapidly changing technology. A limit in IT staffing has been tempered by automated systems, though technology can no longer stand in for IT professionals when a problem arises. With a narrow pool of resources, hiring managers for IT positions will be going head to head with the few top professionals that can best suit their needs.

So where does ARG fit into all of this? Well, we’ll tell you. ARG has hired some, if not the best IT professionals in the game. For 2015, we’re ready to compete. Not just in hiring, but on all playing fields to help consumers get the best deals and best services in technology.

TechTarget’s Jake O’Donnell has quoted CompTIA’s vice president for research and marketing, Tim Herbert, as saying that despite a demand for enterprise mobility, companies are still unsure of how to find the right personnel for mobile management. “Companies are asking ‘How does [mobility] relate to support or other positions in the organization of the company, or does it introduce some demand for new skills?” Herbert says.

Lucky for ARG’s clients and prospects, we have a team to address mobility challenges.  Patrick McGugan is the Director, Business Management Services. With an extensive background in mobility management, an experienced team, and industry leading proprietary tools, Patrick can take to task your mobility questions and concerns. ARG’s offer encompasses cost optimization, billing analytics, vendor management and ongoing change management and support.  The ARG team is also well placed to address the growing concerns around mobile security.  Despite CompTIA’s statistic of a small recruiting field, ARG has the resources available to take away all those concerns and turn your mobility questions into positive, cost saving action.

If you’re interested in speaking with Patrick at ARG, please call 7037702432 or email

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