ARG Selected for Top 20 UC Providers 2015 by CIOReview

As a navigator for enterprise solutions, CIOReview magazine recently selected ARG as one of the Top 20 Unified Communications Providers of 2015. ARG is excited and proud to be a member of this exemplary list.

The magazine explains the rankings as a group of vendors offering a wide range of UC suites. “The companies featured have showcased in-depth expertise in integrated and innovative technologies to streamline operations across the Unified Communications field,” says the mag. But what does that mean in terms of ARG?

ARG, with its many years of experience, helps firms to find the right provider to meet the specific and unique requirements of the consumers. CEO Greg Praske explains, “We’ve managed hundreds of installations across 14 different providers giving a unique insight into the ways to achieve a successful implementation within each provider’s process and system.”

No matter the technology, concerns, or limitations, ARG has the ability to create a comprehensive, fully supported UC solution for all enterprises.

To learn more about why ARG was selected, check out our full feature in CIOReview’s digital magazine on page 18.

If you’re interested in working with ARG or have any questions at all, you can reach out to us directly at or explore our website’s products and services sectons.