ARG Implementation Engineering

Implementation Engineers at ARG have the privilege of acting as liaisons between Client, Carrier and Vendors during events that can be deemed stressful by clients. We work as an extension of client staff that has knowledge of carrier infrastructure, cabling, switching, routing and how they interact with each other in telephony. The Implementation Engineer position requires quick analytical thinking, the ability to act independently and decisively, and a little bit of MacGyver type skills. We have regular exposure to every type of voice and data platform on the market, tying new cutting edge technologies into existing client infrastructure platforms.

What should our customers expect of ARG IE?

They know the answers to the things you did not know were questions. IE’s are regularly at customer premises for turn up of new service, presenting an element of calm in a sea of chaos. Frequently IE’s resolve infrastructure issues that would normally cause a scheduled event to fail. We groom orders for minute details that would normally cause delays and frustration. When there is an ARG customer with an ongoing issue IE’s dispatch to the customer site, where they stop finger pointing by physically interrupting service at the carrier hand off, testing both upstream and down. This ability to jump in the middle of a problem results in reduced customer outage times.

How ARG IE add value and improve the experience

IEs complete surveys of your existing services and make sure the proposed solution stays right throughout the process, frequently they catch and fix errors before they have a chance to become pain points.

IEs complete a full dialing test plan to assure your services are working properly and to your satisfaction at the time of cutover.

IEs can communicate at all levels within your organization from the receptionist to the CEO.  ARG IEs can be as technical as needed in explaining any issues or questions to IT staff or as general as needed making sure that any issues or questions are explained so that anyone can understand.

Real world examples where an ARG IE added value and improved the experience

Client move- there were three separate carriers involved and nothing would have worked because the extensions were not complete.  The IE was there to extend everything (and knew how to find it, how it works, and how to extend it) and made sure the turn up was successful saving time for the client and additional dispatch fees for thier vendors.

A Baltimore Client- the IE was on a bridge with four people from the carrier on a cut that headed south. Carrier staff was trying to find a switch tech and could not, the IE called Fred at the Sterling switch (who he works with all the time) and bridged him on - saving the cutover.

Client in Bethesda - IE replaced the power supply on the VZ shelf after customer experienced a very painful outage where the carrier could not see what the problem was because they were snapshot testing and every time they did the shelf was up.  If the ARG IE hadn't gone on site the outage could have continued indefinitely.