ARG IE, Matt West, Provides Major Value Add to Client Turn Up

Here at ARG we find it incredibly important to share our success stories with you. More importantly, our team looks for every opportunity to help our clients, and make sure they are extremely happy with their technology solutions.

Recently, Implementation Engineer Matt West brought his experience and knowledge to a turn-up with an ARG client and Zayo. Here’s what he had to say:

“The client was turning up a Fiber circuit on the sixth floor of our building today. On the cut call the rep said he could not see connectivity on the client’s end.

I pulled the call to my cell phone, got up from my desk, and went down to their Local Area Network (LAN) room. I opened their fiber case to verify that they were plugged into ports 3 and 4. I noticed that they were plugged into the Orange and Black fiber strands instead of the Green and Brown, which meant they were plugged into ports 2 & 8. I moved their connectors to the correct ports and experienced immediate success.”

With quick thinking and many years of experience on his side, Matt was able to speedily amend the problem and keep the turn-up moving forward. In the words of ARG Project Manager Laurel Sonnenschein who was also on the turn-up call:

“Without Matt being able to go and take a look at this himself, we probably would’ve been in for a long stretch of unsuccessful troubleshooting on the call, followed by needing Zayo to re-dispatch to take a look & help resolve.”

Great work, Matt! And thanks for sharing, Laurel! This is just another great example of ARG’s value add, and a wonderful success story!

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