A New Use for Spare Change

Matt West, one of ARG's resident Implementation Engineers, saved a client some money last week by helping him short out a binding post with a quarter.

 This quarter can trouble shoot a phone line!

This quarter can trouble shoot a phone line!

The client has a few plain old telephone lines. The first three lines were delivered to the wrong demarc, so Matt figured this one would be delivered to the wrong place as well.  The carrier ordered the line, and then sent the number and binding post information.  Matt called the new number and it was ring no answer, which is what it should have been.

He then called the client using FaceTime and had him go to his demarc.  Matt proceeded to talk him through identifying BP9 and then talked him through shorting it out. Once he had it shorted out, Matt called the number and it was still ring no answer. If it were on the binding post it would have rung busy.

A four minute FaceTime conversation saved a phone guy a trip to the customer location, saving the customer a dispatch fee from said phone guy.  

Just another example of the value our great engineers bring, and a reminder that it might be worth letting that change collect in your work drawer after all.