ARG and The Broadsoft Competitive Edge

The market for hosted voice is getting larger and more competitive by the second. As the market continues to evolve and new providers come to market, what is the impact on the company with the largest market share, Broadsoft, and how can ARG help you decide which platform is right for your business?

While not a household name, Broadsoft is the platform that carriers such as RingCentral,Cox, XO, Masergy, Evolve IP, and other companies’ hosted voice platforms are built on.  With 10 million hosted UC lines deployed, Broadsoft should continue to prosper as their equipment is deployed and further integrated into provider networks.  Broadsoft owns a significant share of the market, and the open Application Program Interfaces (API) required to continue developing the service enhancements in which customers will demand in the future

A recent article talks about the impact of Broadsoft’s greatness, which alludes to the fact that it will be not be falling short any time soon. “On its platform, there are millions of subscriber accounts present. Its main functions are to deliver top innovative tech communication through its various apps and services to businesses worldwide,” the article explains.  

At ARG, we believe HPBX is a terrific technology that will unleash incredible value within your organization.  From Broadsoft to proprietary, Asterix, and Cisco based platforms, ARG knows the differentiators and the impacts they have on your business.  You may be asking “how can ARG and HPBX help my company”, so let us explain. 

ARG has invested the time and resources to independently vet the vast marketplace that constitutes hosted voice offerings today.    At our core, this is what we do on behalf of our clients long before making recommendations, and here is what we’ve found:

  • Strategic Focus -- IT resources devoted to phone administration are not focused on key business initiatives and are not helping your company compete in your marketplace. Using a cloud based alternative eliminates those IT headaches, reduces resource costs and frees up your team to work projects that relate to your core business. 

Our position is: If running a phone system is not a core competency of your company, there isn’t a good reason to invest valuable resources doing it. ARG can help you allow your team to focus on YOUR business. 

  • Unlimited Growth -- If you ask anyone who has had to move or expand an on-premises phone system about their experience, they probably won’t remember it fondly. These systems have capacity limits, require frequent upgrades and are just difficult to move to new locations. With a cloud based phone system, adding users, regardless of time and place, is seamless and unlimited. 

Our position is: Eliminate the guesswork and expense. ARG will provide you with a solution that scales to any size or environment.

  • Mobility and Presence -- As we become increasingly mobile and remote work becomes standard operating procedure, companies are looking for ways to keep their teams tied together even when they are physically apart. Making remote phones work with on-premises phone systems is clunky and cost prohibitive. Cloud based phone systems can make remote work seamless and allow for easier implementations and uniform deployments. Users have the same experience, and all your locations sound the same to callers. Four-digit dialing between offices and the ability to transfer calls from one location to another improve efficiency and customer service. In addition, the technology can integrate with your existing CRM tools and locations can back each other up during peak call times or emergencies and resources in different time zones can be leveraged to meet client needs. 

Our position is: Don’t be tied down by your phone system limitations. The possibilities are unlimited and we’re the experts to unlock them with you.

HPBX is going to put your company ahead of the crowd, and we here at ARG are ready to help you get there. Our Hosted Voice Specialist helps businesses through the HPBX research and implementation process daily. With his familiarity of the various vendors and their unique nuances, this role is invaluable to a company with limited knowledge HPBX and the selection process.

To set up something with ARGand prepare your company to be a leader in technology, please reach out