A Candid Look at the Cloud Market from ARG’s Cloud Technology Advisor

We are excited to have one of the industry’s leading Cloud Advisors on the ARG team heading into 2016. The cloud market is a daunting place for companies looking to cloud update their infrastructure, but luckily, we have an amazing resource at ARG for you to leverage. To get a feel for ARG’s approach to cloud, here’s ARG Cloud Advisor Jim Begley’s take on the state of the cloud market:


A few Friday’s ago, I received a MADD ribbon from my daughter’s school.  I really, truly appreciate what the organization MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) is doing. But, I looked at that ribbon I realized that not one of our cars has an antenna to attach it to anymore.  Wait… What does this have to do with technology?

The technology world is constantly evolving and the pace of change continues to increase exponentially.  In Moore’s Law it says something to the effect of “computing power will double every two years.”  This principle has continued to ring true, however for most companies the amount of compute isn’t an issue.  The issue has become how they leverage technology to improve the company’s capabilities. 

The dominant technology companies of the past 20 years in computing/networking/storage would like us to believe that IT is moving slowly towards a different approach (cloud or whatever you choose to call it), but I disagree strongly. 

The cloud market continues to swirl.  Amazon has reported revenue’s in the range of $6 billion.  EMC has chosen to combine their Virtustream acquisition with VMware cloud to create a new company focused on that market.  But that is just infrastructure. They don’t provide the services and skills to understand how to run your business in such an environment.  Other companies come from a service model, and they understand how to help drive adoption of services.  These organizations may not have the bulk of AWS, but they are going to continue to acquire customers at a very quick pace. 

Think about it this way:  Uber is using technology to completely disrupt the taxi industry. Had the taxi industry just thought harder about how to adopt mobile technology, they would have been able to maintain their position. Now they are fighting for survival. 

Sometimes we have to challenge ourselves to think differently.

How can we drive innovation in a way that makes our company better and more cost efficient?  How do we drive value to our customers in new and different ways? Often this means changing the model that has worked so well for us in the past.  This is not easy, which is why I am so excited about what I get to do here at ARG. We can bring the collective intelligence of the market to you in a very objective way and help you see where the opportunities are, eliminating your risk of choosing a less than optimal strategy. Now I guess I have to go talk to MADD about a new way to communicate to the public that you support their mission.

Don't let technology pass you by.   Set up a meeting with Jim to chat about the Cloud and how it can impact your business in 2016.  With over 20 years of experience in technology organizations and Fortune 500 Cloud computing and storage.  Jim's rich background in engineering, operations and deployment delivers great insight and best practice information.  

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