ARG Celebrates 25th Anniversary

 ceo greg praske is Honored to serve the WAshinton dc area for 25 years

ceo greg praske is Honored to serve the WAshinton dc area for 25 years

Greg Praske, Founder and CEO

What an honor to be celebrating 25 years in business.  Government analyses indicate that less than 15% of businesses survive until their 25th anniversary.  Here at ARG we have been blessed immeasurably more than we could have asked or imagined.

A huge thanks to the thousands of clients who have trusted us to advise them on their technology decisions.  We’re proud to return over $35,000,000 annually in savings to our clients with more than 40% of that going to non-profit organizations.

A huge thanks to all the clients, technology vendors, real estate firms, banks, accounting firms, procurement advisors and others who referred clients to ARG over the years.

A huge thanks to all the technology companies who chose to partner with ARG and provide our clients and ARG the top resources, the maximum pricing concessions, integration to their systems and priority support services.  You've enabled us to offer a unique set of solutions for our clients and support them at a level unmatched in the market.

And, of course, I am so proud to work alongside the most committed, caring, smart and fun group of people on staff at ARG.  A third of our team has been together for over 10 years.  Our Sr. VP, Heather Campbell is coming up on her 20th anniversary at ARG.  Over the years, the most amazing people continue to walk through our doors and decide to join in.  It's quite a story how this small business has been able to pull together the incredible talent that we've assembled.  The secret is what the Washington Post and the Virginia Business Journal found when they surveyed thousands of businesses - this group has created a Top Workplace - one where we serve our clients, partners and each other with ethics and integrity.

As I reviewed the ARG story trying to connect the dots to understand how we made it for 25 years - the first 25 years - I lost count of all the people who had their fingerprints on our history.  From my co-founding partner, Bill Power, to my current partner, Steve Praske, to the 100+ people who applied their talents over the years on our behalf at ARG, to the many advisors, friends, fellow business owners, to the thousands of industry associates, to my wife who shared the risk of starting a business and supported me every step of the way, to the spouses, significant others and families who support our team in this demanding industry - I'm truly humbled and thankful.

ARG was a product of the deregulation of the telecom industry.  Over the years, we've witnessed massive change and progress.  The special group of people referenced above has allowed us to survive.  Now, 25 years later, we're in a position to thrive unlike ever before.  Who gets to say that after being in business for 25 years already?  What an honor and a blessing!!!