90% Conferencing Savings

You may think that you have a great conferencing rate.  Maybe you do, but maybe, after all the fees are include, your effective rate is not that great. ARG is the expert at evaluating your total conferencing costs.  For example, ARG recently evaluated a client’s bill.  They thought that they were getting a great deal.  Their rate per minute was pretty good, but upon digging into the bill further, we uncovered extra fees that increased their effective rate to more than $0.40 cents per minute.

This is not uncommon.  Hidden fees exist because the carriers aim to increase their profit without engaging you about your rate.  ARG was able to recommend a course of action that resulted in 90% savings for the client!

The only change required by the client’s users to change the call-in numbers that had been associated with the more expensive service. This transition was accomplished with a few simple emails and the client’s savings started immediately.

Why do you need ARG?

  • We have the ability to eliminate most fees in the conferencing industry.
  • We represent multiple providers.
  • ARG conducts a regular bill reviews to make sure new fees are not added.
  • Our customers pay only for what they use.
  • ARG will advocate on your behalf to correct invoicing discrepancies, call challenges, etc.
  • ARG will assist you in introducing the new service to your staff including on-site training to get them acquainted with the switch in carriers.

Call us today to schedule a no obligation analysis of your conferencing account.

To reach ARG, please call us toll-free: 866.521.5121 or request information via email: info@myarg.com.