4G LTE Failover for Business Continuity

The consequences of down time for any company can send a negative ripple through their entire operation, regardless of duration. No company ever wants to face a network outage, but with providers offering solutions that nearly guarantee four hours of downtime a month, what other options are there?

Carrier redundancy is one of the benefits of working with ARG, and we frequently recommend diverse access methods like 4G LTE, fiber and copper, or cable if available.  4G LTE is an option for redundant “entry” technology, and 4G LTE Failover is a mature technology that is rapidly being deployed to keep organization’s networks running. It is cost effective and highly scalable solution ensuring maximum uptime, speed to deployment and ease of management with limited IT Resources.

A recent white paper, “4G Failover for Business Continuity”, echoes the perks of 4G LTE. It explains, “4G LTE technology offers always-on, cost effective connectivity. As a failover solution, wireless offers speeds fast enough to keep your network humming. The relatively low cost of 4g LTE for business continuity means a greater return on investment and scalability for multiple locations, for which other options are just simply cost-prohibitive. With a wireless 4G LTE failover solution, distributed enterprises can enjoy the same reliability and competitive advantage as large enterprises.”

While 4G LTE will not replace your 100M circuit, the asynchronous bandwidth speeds are superfluous for most disaster recovery objectives.  Download speeds of 5-12Mbps are common with peaks cited at close to 50Mbps.  The upload speeds run 2-5Mbps, enough to keep most businesses up and running until primary service can be restored.  

Every business that wants a continuity solution has different needs, but the 4G LTE addresses most of them. Luckily, if your company needs a failover solution, ARG has the experience and time to help you select the best option for your unique organization.

ARG’s resident mobility specialist, Patrick McGugan, helps businesses through the 4G LTE failover research and implementation process daily. With his familiarity of the various vendors and their unique nuances, Patrick is invaluable to a company with limited knowledge of 4G LTE failover and the selection process.

Contact ARG or email Patrick directly to learn the benefits of 4G LTE failover and which option is right for your business.