Video Release: 2 Steps to Cybersecurity

Thank you to Masergy, ITPG and our amazing sold-out crowd for making 2 Steps to Cybersecurity a great success! After receiving several requests for a recording of the event, the video is now available. Below the video you can find an outline of what was covered by speakers:  Stephen Murphy, EVP of ARG, Sharon Smith, VP Cybersecurity Strategy and Advisory Services of ITPG, and Ivan Paynter, Security Solutions Engineer of Masergy. Enjoy!


00:03 – Steve Murphy – Introduction
00:23 – Why We’re Here (Breaches in the News)
00:40 – Why We’re Really Here
01:32 – Cybersecurity Spectrum
02:49 – Path to Security
03:33 – Security Marketplace
07:02 – Sharon Smith and Marc Thompson – Introduction
09:26 – Questions to Consider Asking and Answering
12:26 – Potential Roadblocks
14:06 – ITPG Security Offerings
17:35 – Cost of Prevention
20:56 – How Do I Start?
22:00 – Ivan Paynter – Introduction
23:50 – IT Enables Strategic Business Moves
24:26 – Masergy MDR Aligns with NIST
26:09 – Build or Outsource Detection and Response?
27:37 – Unified Enterprise Security (UES): Our MDR Platform
29:14 – Reduced Costs and Workload
30:22 – Reduced Enterprise Risk (What We Catch)
31:29 – Unified Threat Intelligence With Threat Hunting
32:26 – UES Deployment Example
34:05 – Masergy MDR Summary

Thanks for tuning in! We hope you enjoyed the video and found the content valuable. If you have any questions or would like to explore cybersecurity options for your organization, please contact us at or (703) 770-2400.