Big Mobility Savings for Any Client

At ARG we pride ourselves in helping companies, big or small, get the most bang for their buck while investing in the best, unique technology solution for their business.

In mobility, we are returning money to our clients' bottom line every day and then keeping those savings by implementing ARG’s Mobility Management program. Patrick McGugan, our Director of Business Management Services, recently helped a small business with only a handful of employees save $13,900 annually on their mobile phone bills. Here’s what he had to say:

"We just rocked it out for [client]. They had 18 lines on AT&T and Verizon.  We managed to reduce their costs by 71% through a combination of canceling unused lines and unneeded features. We also optimized their rate plans for cost and usage profiles.

[The Client] will realize a 71% significant reduction in their monthly expense for cell phones."

Almost $1200 dollars a month savings on 18 cell phone lines...we think that’s pretty incredible!  ARG has the ability to help your company uncover the best way to optimize your mobile bills as well. What are you waiting for?

Nowhere in the ARG process is a company required to do anything. There’s no early cancellations, there aren’t any swapping of providers. It’s all up to YOU based on what our team can uncover.

Reach out to Patrick directly at to get started on finding savings for your business.