Greg Praske
Co-founder, CEO

As Co-founder and CEO, Greg provides the strategic vision for ARG which is built around ARG’s mission to be the most respected telecom consulting agency in the country.  He is passionate about leading a company committed to doing business the right way and delivering huge value to our clients and partners. 

Greg has been named one of the 50 most influential people in the industry.  He regularly writes articles in industry publications and speaks at industry events promoting a higher degree of professionalism.  He spends time building and maintaining relationships at the highest levels with executives of telecom companies across the country.  In his role as chief negotiator for ARG, Greg makes sure that ARG has the best and most competitive products and services possible to offer our clients.

A Certified Public Accountant, Greg spent 15 years in association management prior to starting ARG.  His vision and perspective in business development provides unparalleled leadership within the company and has helped ARG record solid year over year growth for 19 straight years.

Greg is committed to developing ARG’s world-class team and inspiring them to continually innovate to deliver relevant, meaningful value-add benefits to every organization that ARG touches.

Steve Praske

Steve Praske is a 25+-year technology and telecommunications industry veteran with a passion for creating change and delivering excellence. Prior to his role as co-owner and Executive VP of ARG, he was the co-founder and CEO of Paladin Solutions Group.

While at Paladin Solutions Group he grew the business from a start-up in 2000, to being recognized as one of the most respected equipment consulting firms, in the mid-Atlantic region. In 2005, ARG and Paladin merged forces to realize the combined value of their organizations, and the significant growth opportunities in the marketplace.

Steve spent the first 19 years of his career with AT&T and Lucent Technologies. During this time he held leadership positions in Customer Service, Sales Support, Technical Support, Provisioning, Marketing, Project Management, and Process Re-engineering.

This background in leading most aspects of a Sales/Customer Service organization, along with his telecom provider expertise, has contributed a great deal to the significant growth of ARG.

In January, 2010, Steve was named President of ARG.

Our Clients Speak…

I will say that I have NEVER been a fan of using a third party to manage our accounts and circuits.  I always thought it would be another iron in the fire that I had to sort through!  I must say that I have been extremely satisfied with the service and benefits of working with ARG.

Robert, A-T Solutions

ARG has been a lifesaver… from the start in helping us negotiate a best price for our voice and data services, to the follow-up and resolution of issues that occur with our carrier(s).  ARG has been there for us and have all the bases covered!
Short and sweet, this is how I feel.  We don’t have time to keep following up with the carriers, and having you all ‘watching our backs’ gives us great comfort!

Tina, Project Hope

As a former US Senate Staff Director, Assistant Secretary and President of a company for 30 years I have encountered many good efficient people but I have to tell you that your man Joe Harre has been as efficient, precise, timely and helpful as anyone I have encountered. You have hired well and I will recommend your company wherever I can.

Andy Manatos, Manatos & Manatos Inc

It’s very few and far between where I can rave about a support experience in the IT field, but this has certainly been one of them.

Jeremy, Facility Engineering Associates, P.C.

As you promised, you kept our team up to date almost every hour during business hours over the past two days and were kind enough to offer and call me each morning at 8:00AM with updates from the night before. 

On behalf of our group, we appreciate your dedication and service during our “trouble period.”

Carl, American Asset Management Group, Inc.

ARG has been instrumental in helping us manage our telephony and internet services. Their support team helps us get better access to our providers and faster resolutions to our issues. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organization.

Urban, National Motor Freight Traffic Association

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the ARG staff for all of its’ assistance…  From planning to implementation, your team affirms why Expovision continues to look to ARG for its’ telecom needs.  I have especially appreciated your teams patience and willingness to understand our business.  Expovision has been a client of ARG for ten years; we now go in confidence for many years to come.

In closing,  you guys are the best!

David, Expovision

Thank you for getting us through last week’s issues with the Verizon system breakdown.  As you know, we are a medical practice that is heavily dependent on fast, reliable connectivity for all aspects of patient care and communications, laboratory and clinical services and all our administrative and financial operations. With ARG we have always felt your personal commitment and clear professionalism whenever we’ve called on you for help.  Over the years, when anything has broken somewhere in myriad systems that wire us all together, ARG has been there right away representing our needs, investigating, troubleshooting and keeping us fully informed as if we were a Fortune 500 corporation.  Believe me, we haven’t forgotten what it can be like!  You have built a great company and, for us, your greatest service is peace of mind.

John, Optimal Health Physicians

Joe Harre was very helpful. He was quick to respond to my emails and helped me solve my phone issue rapidly. I appreciate the friendliness and responsiveness of ARG employees.

Jessica, American Islamic Congress

  I want to thank everyone from ARG who helped out with seeing this through to completion.  The communication and updates were great and the problem was fixed in a very timely manner.  I am really glad we went with ARG to help us with our communications needs!

Smith, Society of General Internal Medicine

My company recently acquired a small Independent Insurance Agency in Annapolis, Maryland. As you can imagine an acquisition of any size can be complicated, especially becoming familiar with new Vendors and Suppliers. I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to introduce myself to anyone at ARG, when a natural disaster struck the Annapolis office. A lightning strike rendered all electronic devices inoperable.

When Joseph Harre learned of our situation, he reached out and introduced himself and ARG to me and within a short time suggested and implemented a solution to our telecommunication issues; something my other long-term telecom vendors were unable to accomplish. I was impressed with Joe’s solution driven customer service approach.

I look forward to a long and successful relationship with ARG.

Eileen, Basil Voges / Howard Phillips Insurance

It is such a relief to know that the Support Team at ARG is always available to help. Joe Harre is great to work with and always resolves my issues quickly and professionally. We heart <3 ARG.

Angela, Novick Group, Inc.

When our company made the decision to go with ARG, I was a bit skeptical.  I have to say, I have been more than pleasantly surprised.  The transition from our previous vendor to our new service was a bit taxing, Lew Branning worked tirelessly getting that completed.  Our point person, Lava Mohammed has assisted me on several occasions.  Joe Harre recently worked on what could have been an interruption in our business-updating me during the process and getting me the final resolve very quickly.  EVERYONE is top of the line.  Ready to assist when needed.  I cannot say enough good things about the team at ARG.

Laura, Bay Bank

 ARG fully coordinated the project, communicated with the vendors, arranged for the implementation of equipment and turnover, and followed up on each and every detail. Additionally, when we encountered issues with connectivity, installation and faulty equipment, they were on task every second.

Dana, Greater Washington Orthopedic Group

I want to thank you and your team for the excellent work you did managing this conversion and making the entire process painless for me. I have always been very favorably impressed with ARG, both its people and their work product. I’m delighted that AR is now fully onboard with you for our voice and data services, and I look forward to a long, beneficial relationship. Thanks again for all of your good work.

Steve, American Rivers

We were introduced to ARG during the process of preparing for an office move. We were evaluating a range of phone service providers and phone system platforms. Our ARG consultant was more than helpful and available as we negotiated the maze of IP phones and potential service carriers. The analysis she provided was a critical resource in our decision-making process.

Pat, McLean Asset Management

We have been delighted with the consistently high level of service provided by ARG and consider them to be an essential partner in our telecommunications landscape. Without hesitation we would recommend ARG to any business embarking on an evaluation of their phone service.

Pat, McLean Asset Managment

We get much better information and service by using our communications broker/manager, ARG, as a starting point; they can translate the technical jargon and give objective understanding, without having to navigate the voicemail tree of the carriers.

Tim, N Street Village

We rely on ARG for their consistent support of our call center operations. They have consistently demonstrated superb customer service.  They help to explain the system to new users, and they troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently.  We are a growing call center, which requires interaction with a wide range of new call center sites.  ARG has shown the ability to “make the seemingly complicated uncomplicated”.

Brain Injury Association of America

Everyone is more than helpful and tries to get to the heart of the matter quickly and professionally.  We love our ARG!!

Laura, Bay Bank

I have always been very favorably impressed with ARG, both its people and their work product. I’m delighted that AR is now fully onboard with you for our voice and data services, and I look forward to a long, beneficial relationship. Thanks again for all of your good work.

Steve, American Rivers

I am grateful to work with those special employees from ARG who are knowledgeable and provide 1st class customer service. I’ve been in IT fields for 15 years and ARG is one of the top service providers I have ever had.


At ARG, the supportive staff knew immediately how to properly escalate my calls, and always route me to the appropriate technician or consultant. They communicate with the vendors directly and ARG is able to do testing and isolate the problems and quickly arrive at solutions.

Dana, Greater Washington Orthopedic Group

During the recent troubles that we’ve been trying to isolate, you’ve been able to escalate our troubles to the top levels within Verizon and Paetec.  You’ve come on site several times with test equipment to work and test head to head with the carriers, and the PBX vendor.  This is invaluable to us as a service. ..  To sum it up, you do a great job of helping to keep the vendors on their toes…

Robert, A-T Solutions

Bottom line is I don’t know what our company would do without ARG to handle our telecommunications. ARG and everyone we deal with  is invaluable. Thank you.

Jan, Global Science & Technology, Inc.

Thanks for helping me sort this out – I appreciate your response.  I greatly appreciate how responsive you all are when these phone issues have come up.  Our business is so reliant on the phone, so it’s huge when that is broken.

Pat Ward
McLean Asset Management

I want to pass along my heartfelt thanks for the support from ARG today.  Our Waldorf office went off line yesterday.  I was contacted by Windstream but expected my managed service provider to contact me as well and take the lead.  They didn’t and I started working with Windstream today.  It’s a router problem.  When I started getting frustrated with the lack of progress I called into ARG’s support line.  Joe answered the call and proceeded to take the whole issue off my hands.  He kept me updated all afternoon and has helped to get someone onsite.  I couldn’t keep someone onsite until 6:30 pm tonight to meet the tech so he made arrangements for them to arrive at 8:00 am tomorrow morning so we can be up and running (hopefully) when the office opens on 9:00 am.  I know I will arrive at the office tomorrow morning and find an update from Joe waiting for me.

I know this is standard operating procedure for ARG but I wanted you to know and Steve to know on Joe’s behalf, what a pleasure it is working with your group.

Laura, Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital

The level of commitment, the standards of excellence, the knowledge base and the delivery of service at ARG is beyond exemplary. I fully recommend them without hesitation or reservation to any company who is considering their services.

Dana, Greater Washington Orthopedic Group

 “In addition to ARG’s impeccable customer service, their knowledge of the industry is unparalleled.”

Matthew, RGS

ARG has been extremely valuable in the process of our upgrades for many years now.  Without their guidance and assistance I’m sure we would have spent much more money for far less service.  Their staff has always been there for us through the last 10 years and continues to be to this day. I am looking forward to many more years of continued partnership with ARG.

Raymond, Beretta USA

ARG has been a great asset to me as an IT Manager, as well as to the practice. Their inside connections with many of the major internet and phone service providers has allowed for a smooth transition from one provider to the next, all while saving our practice time and money. I no longer have to worry about sitting on hold with support or waiting hours for an issue to be resolved. ARG takes care of monitoring any issues that may arise and updates when progress is made and/or when the issue has been resolved.”

Nicole, Foxhall Internists

Of all the decisions needed during a major office move, we can genuinely say choosing to work with ARG was one of the smartest. The ARG transition team was very engaged and interfaced seamlessly with our vendors throughout the process of designing and implementing our new phone system, getting onboard with our new carrier and exiting from our former carrier and service plans. Now as an established client, we have come to recognize even further the value of ARG’s service.

Pat, McLean Asset Management

“I have been working with ARG for a few years now and can’t tell you how impressed we are with their service.  When we first contacted them our goal was to save money on local and long distance services.  The solution they provided gave us an annual savings of over $15k.  Not only were they saving us money, they were also providing better customer service.  The great thing about ARG is that they assign you a customer service representative who handles everything, so when there is a problem, you make one call to ARG and they do the rest.  ARG on a few occasions has gone above and beyond what was expected to make sure the service they promised was being met.  That sometimes included making calls outside of normal business hours.”

Jeff, Community Residences, Inc.

I have been turning to ARG for guidance for almost ten years. Their knowledge and experience continues to impress me and assures me that I am getting the best solution at the lowest price. They stake their reputation on their recommended services, so you know that they will always shoot straight.

TJ, Keller and Heckman LLP

“Electrical and telecom outages plague the area of downtown Bethesda, MD and we’d be lost without the ability to have our critical communications needs handled with speed and efficiency. During the day or night, or even on the weekend, our requests get immediate attention and resolve. The support team freakin’ rocks — very thorough and knowledgeable, each person we deal with is responsive and pleasant. Great job.”

Tim, American Association of Blood Banks

From beginning to end, we have been treated with the highest level of service.  From the consultant through project management to the engineer, I couldn’t be more pleased.  If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me as one.  I can’t underscore enough how great a job your team has done throughout this process.

Eric, Bredhoff & Kaiser P.L.L.C.

The experience and flexibility of your team has had a big impact on the success of our initial campus expansion. Our staff is delighted with the new facility. Throughout the project, you have served as a highly valued extension of our team and I greatly appreciate your efforts.

Russ, Agilex

While dealing with vendors, it’s always nice to have ARG’s experience on our side…Quite simply, ARG has never let us down.   If you are ever looking for a client that will provide good references to new prospects, please consider us.

Keith, National Automated Clearinghouse Association - The Electronic Payments Association

I know this note is way overdue, but I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude to the help that you afforded me and CrisisLink during the transition to our new location … you were very kind and helpful including during off hours.

Joseph, CrisisLink

All of my experiences with ARG have been responsive with continuous updates along the way.  My “user” experience with ARG is top tier and meets or beats the response I get from other providers.
I would recommend ARG to anyone seeking a partner for their telecom needs.

Robert, Infrastructure Admin

ARG makes my life easier when it comes to managing the telecom and data needs of a rapidly growing organization.

Peter, Bravo Health

Here at ACE, we have utilized the services of ARG for over eight years now. We have been loyal customers, as the service they provide is impeccable. There is nothing better then a company that delivers all that they promise! It has been a pleasure to work hand and hand with the ARG staff and for that, we will continue to utilize their services for many years to come.

Michelle, American Council on Education

Totally loving you guys there at ARG today.  Thx for having my back


I am not surprised, but I wanted to thank you for the ease of transition. I am always so impressed with the level of service that ARG provides. I know most of the time people only complain and I have a free moment so I thought I would write to say “AWESOME JOB!!!” I don’t think the transition could have gone any smoother.

Christopher, National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association

Having ARG handle our switch to a new dial tone and internet provider impacted me by taking the day to day details and concerns of the transaction off my hands. In addition I had the benefit of ARG’s expertise when difficult situations arose. Our ARG project manager and everyone else I dealt with at ARG was focused on getting our job done and done properly and as quickly as possible. I cannot imagine having to do all they did myself. I highly recommend using ARG.

Lynn, Artis LLC

Certain components of our communication technology are somewhat non-standard, and at times if we experience an issue, it may not be readily apparent what the source of the trouble is. The responsiveness of our technical support team at ARG has been nothing less than outstanding. With one quick call or email they are working with our carrier on researching the matter and providing timely updates. In addition, they always make sure we know what to expect, and they follow through to resolution. A huge plus is that we are relieved of back and forth calling to vendors, waiting on hold, trying to understand technical jargon, etc. Even with questions or low-priority matters our contacts at ARG are extremely responsive and happy to assist.

Pat, McLean Asset Management

I wish every vendor was like ARG.

Rod, Zeiders Enterprises, Inc.

It’s not very often managers get to hear how well their people are doing, and they get tired of hearing about the negative. I wanted to take some time to let you know how much we appreciate all the great work Joe does. He is very responsive to our requests and always follows through to completion. He makes sure everything gets handled or at least points us in the right direction. Joe certainly goes go above and beyond to help us out and makes working through our issues much easier.

Doug, Washington First Bank

I cannot thank you all enough for your support and help over the past several days !!!  Thank you to Joe Harre, Steve Grimsley and Chris Somers for their outstanding help both remotely and onsite, during our circuit issues over a long Holiday weekend.  We were back in business in record time and had a work around within 24 hours.

Now I can tell others WHY your organization is considered one of a few Top Workplace winners by The Washington Post for 2014  – it shows in your team spirit and your attention to detail with your customers.

Thank you – Thank you – Thank you !!!!

Kathy, SHRM

Our ARG representative, Joe Harre, is always there for us. He responds afterhours from the road, from his car or wherever. It is tough to get service like that anywhere. He keeps our vendors straight and we can always relay on ARG and Joe to give us a hand in those times when things get tough. Many thanks to ARG for their great support!

Bob, Avectra

I cannot express how vital ARG assistance is for NCA.  It is your support that allows a small organization like ours be a big player in our industry…  The most critical assistance ARG has provided for NCA is through availability at a moment’s notice to fix or assist with any challenge faced by NCA.  Working with ARG is like having a large IT department at our disposal.

Reginald, National Confectioners Association

ARG has been a trusted partner of ours over the past  7 years with exceptional service and support.

We recently tasked them with finding us a new ECR solution for routing our call center traffic. They were quick to Identify our needs and found a solution at a substantial savings with more features than our existing platform.

Thank you for always being there.

Timothy, SunSetter Products Limited Partnership